Digital marketing

Monetizing your services

There are a million ways to make millions of dollars. Many of these ways include digital marketing tactics. So if you learn how to use the power of your new website and social media to increase your business’s sales, then there’s nothing that can stop you grabbing that millions of dollars.  there are different approaches for this matter..)

However, if you are a beginner and you are planning mastering Internet Marketing, you should prepare for learning over 10,000 pages of professional literature, tracking a thousands of webinars, many unsuccessful campaigns (If you’re lucky you will have a few successes), spending huge budget on testing, sleepless nights, hanging on forums and bunch of small problems that will irritate you and take your precious time … In short, digital marketing is not just a simple way to advertise your business on Facebook,  Instagram or Google Adwords.

  • Basic Marketing plan
  • Branding of 2 social media accounts
  • Managing 2 social network profiles Facebook / Instagram (4 posts per week)
  • Ads budget (20 € per month)
  • 10 graphic elements per month
  • Basic SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • 2 blog posts (500 words per post)
  • Email marketing (1 newsletter monthly)
  • Installing exit intent pop up plugin for collecting email addresses
  • Advanced Marketing plan
  • Branding of 3 social media accounts
  • Managing 3 social network profiles Facebook / Instagram (5 posts per week)
  • Ads budget (40 € per month)
  • 12 graphic elements per month
  • 15 professional images from your products
  • Advanced SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • 4 blog posts (500 words per post)
  • Email marketing (2 newsletters)
  • Installing exit intent pop up plugin for collecting email addresses
  • Two pages report
  • Premium marketing plan and sales funnel
  • Branding of 4+ social media accounts
  • Managing 4+ social network profiles Facebook / Instagram (posts on daily basis)
  • Ads budget (80 € per month)
  • 15 graphic elements per month
  • Premium SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • Custom number of professional photos of your products
  • Creating video content
  • Custom number of surveys for collecting leads
  • Re-targeting based on FB pixel
  • Custom number of posts
  • Premium Email marketing (2+ newsletters weekly)
  • Installing exit intent popup plugin for collecting email addresses
  • Custom report for the results achieved

Premium plan

If you are a large company and you have a successful business but you want to increase your profits a couple times more, this package is the best solution for you. Together we will create a campaign that best suits your business profile. In the preparation stage, we will define the objectives, the scope of work and the expected results. The minimum for this plan is 3 months agreement.

Advanced plan

If you are a middle-class business with a wide range of services, and you believe that your companies profit should be bigger, then you are in the right place. In the advanced Digital Marketing plan, we create a story for your business. A story that will attract more clicks, leads, and of course conversions. This plan is for businesses that want to increase sales and create a sustainable and successful business.

Basic plan

If you are a micro-sized company and you want to grow and become a serious competitor on the market, then you are with the right team. Or maybe you're a start-up that is fresh on the market? This plan is most suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, but also for individuals and start-ups. We begin by creating a basic strategy that will further result in strengthening your company's presence on the market, more contacts and most importantly, increasing your company's profits.
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