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Building a website can cost from 300 € up to 5,000 €. An average website with super graphics, lightning speed, responsiveness across all devices, 5-10 pages, optimized for search engines (SEO) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex can cost around 400 euros. For more complex and bigger websites the prices are slightly higher, please visit the following link and contact us for more detail informations.

Prices in the graphic design field can vary depending on the complexity of the project. Graphic design project can cost from 15 € up to 250 €… Please visit the following link and contact us for more detail informations.

We create professional websites for any kind of business or a company (with beautiful graphics, galleries, portfolios, ecommerce shops, cool animations, lightning speed, responsivness across all devices, very quality SEO and much more)

  • Websites with custom functionalities
  • Websites for sharing news or any type of content – We can make your blog very good looking and trending
  • Personal, blog or portfolio websites
  • Ecommerce websites with full integration (payment processors + advanced SSL encryption)
  • Informative forums
  • Auction websites
  • Faculty or school websites

All of our websites have an excellent SEO (search engine optimization) wich will have great ranking results on most popular search engines like: “Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. We create very good sitemaps for all of our websites and they are indexed right away, As we said before, they are very good ranked.

SEO Services:

  • Setting Up Google Analytics (tracking visitors on your website)
  • Implementing “Facebook Pixel” (we insert a piece of code that collects information from all your visitors so you can advertise your business later on.)
  • We create a search console account and index your website with XML – Sitemaps.
  • Creating an SEO strategy.
  • We optimize the content on your website to be excellent ranked on search engines.
  • We can strengthen your SEO with powerful backlinks (strictly for this is provided a separate budget)

Creating a website is consists of 7 main steps:

1. Buying a hosting plan and domain for your website.
2. Setting up the hosting for compatibility and responsiveness with your website.
3. Plan the layout, hierarchy, and the functionality of your website.
4. Designing and creating the website.
5. Publishing the website.
6. Promote the website.
7. Maintaining the website.

For more details and informations about our services and prices, visit the following link. Some of the services we offer:

  • Creating all kind of professional images
  • Processing and editing any kind of images, no matter what format they are
  • Manipulation and editing images with Photoshop
  • Creating custom graphics for websites, ads (banners, flyers etc..) social networks etc…
  • Professional retouching any kind of images
  • Colorizing and reparation of old (black and white) and damaged images
  • Creating banners, advertisement posters, flyers
  • Model retouching and correction of any kind of details
  • Creating business brochures, catalogs and price lists
  • Creating professional custom logos
  • Creating very good looking and professional business cards
  • Making all kinds of diplomas, certificates or any type of documents
  • Creating membership cards
  • Create bidding cards
  • Creating birthday cards
  • Creating book designs
  • Creating envelope designs
  • Packaging design
  • Designing magazines and brochures
  • Designing pamphlets
  • Removing white background from an image
  • Designing infographics
  • Designing vector CV

Important! We offer many other services in this area that are not listed

For more detailed information about packages, services and prices, visit the following link. Some of the services that we offer:

  • Sales channel
  • Complete social media branding
  • Facebook Ads
  • Creative visual content for social media
  • Professional photos of your products
  • Creating videos
  • Creating quizzes / quizzes for collecting leeds
  • Re-targeting based on Facebook Pixel
  • Quality SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Creating quality blog posts
  • Email marketing
  • Installing and connecting services on your website for collecting email addresses
  • Full report of the achieved results

To order a project, you will need to enter all the necessary information about the project in the contact form. Your name, surname, message title, project type and all the details about it. You can contact us for further details at the following link. If the project is complex or specific and you think it can not be explained through email, feel free to call us at 389 78 399 529

To organize a meeting feel free to call us at +389 78 399 529 at any time.

If you want to create an appointment about particular project, price details or digital marketing and multimedia services, you can write us an email at [email protected] or call us at +389 78 399 529.

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